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Ice Gods

Ice Gods are new mythical deities generated from photographs of icebergs and glaciers. They are set amongst the landscapes they inhabit and helped form, joined by the elements that sculpt them and the creatures that reside in their real world locations. Whales, eagles, otters, and others are rarities seen only by the lucky few.

Mythology often tells the stories of the creation and destruction that defines our world. Ice Gods are here to tell the visual story of the power of glaciation and how it still affects our lives today.

Like mythology, what is seen in the Ice Gods is in the eye of the beholder.

Each piece of ice used in this art is incredibly unique. It takes thousands of years and countless variables to sculpt the shape and color. This ice has since melted, making the Ice Gods even more rare.

The Ice Gods are created from Janus Kober’s collection of photographs amassed during his work as a sea kayak guide in Alaska.

Oct 2022
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