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I Live Here Now

“I Live Here Now” is the exploration of developing a character through stills to inspire a feature film. I visited the iconic San Luis Obispo hotel, the Madonna Inn, to get out of Los Angeles and focus on tackling some creative tasks that were overdue. When I got there I was immediately awestruck by the beauty and emotion evoked by the Inn’s essence. I felt like I was spending the night inside someone’s mind, inside of a living, breathing, work of art. The idea for several characters instantly struck me but I did not know the story in which these characters existed. This inspired me to take photos of them in order to find the narrative. I shot these pieces on 35mm and 120 film. The ideas for the movie and how it transforms, unfolds in real time through these photographs. Watch as the characters come to life and see if you can find the story of I Live Here Now, which will be my first directorial feature, starting production in February 2022.

Aug 2021
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