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Is this a hold-up? No Ser, this is HODL-Up!

A monochrome pallet of 4 colors dominates the theme running through HODL-Up with a vast quantity of backgrounds powered by a potent and vibrant red which gives HODL-Up a truly unique and aesthetic feel.

​Whereas the overwhelming majority of PFP/NFT collections have less than 10 backgrounds but have many if not hundreds of traits HODL-Up has gone in the opposite direction with hundreds of pixelated hand-crafted backgrounds consisting of geometric patterns and shapes, thereby leaving the original artwork virtually unchanged besides handful of rare exceptions.

​The above makes HODL-Up truly unique and stand out from the vast majority of collections on the current market which is why I believe HODL-Up along with the community will be a force to reckon with in 2023 and beyond.

Mar 2023
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