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Happy Little Hairdos

Happy Little Hairdos is a parody collection of 10,000 unique NFTs celebrating the man we all know as the painter with a Fro. Straight from the imagination & hand of artist J.J. Weinberg, what began as a Prismacolor illustration on paper in 2014 & an idea of a ☕ table 📕 has found its way onto the blockchain. Weinberg is determined to push the envelope on the connection of the metaverse & the physical world. Let the #FROMO begin!

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Art / Print quality images 3000x3000k (Set to print at 10”x10” 300 dpi) Coffee table book featuring “Curated Cuts” & randomly chosen HLHD’s Infinite “Bob”jects Early access to merch via the Fromo Boutique “Curated Cuts for a Cause” the rarity’s for charity on these special tokens outside of the 10K Access to Alexander Bill’s “ART”cade Special token access to commissioned work by the artist & derivative license Joy of Minting mini-series Special thanks @cheforche - IG @jjweinberg - IG

Jul 2021
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