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Gloow Quest by Glooweyes

From visionary artist and designer Glooweyes(Aka Oh Ye Kyung) comes "Gloow Quest," a saga about finding light within darkness and the growth that accompanies this discovery.

The Story:

Gloomy was once just a lonely young pup who didn’t know what he wanted out of life, wasting away in the shadow of his strict father, the CEO of a terrible cheese factory. However, everything changed when he met Glooweyes, a mystical energy creature from space.

Accompanied by Glooweyes and the mischievous rat Night Sneaker, Gloomy embarks on a transformative journey to uncover the special energy of Emmental Cheese. Along the way, he encounters new friends, conquers his inner darkness, and gains a deeper understanding of a world where light and darkness harmoniously coexist, ultimately transforming into Gloy- the happy-go-lucky dog he is today.

This captivating tale of growth and friendship unfolds through four unique NFTs, each capturing a pivotal moment in Gloy's quest.

Jun 2024
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