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glitch by misha de ridder

glitch by misha de ridder, released by Fingerprints, is a collection of 50 animated GIFs, stemming from photographs of erased graffiti.

The act of erasing can involve both destruction and generation, transformation and reimagination—allowing for new possibilities to emerge. Playing with notions of loss and re-coding, misha has re-animated the graffiti, inserting liminal afterimages of what was once there: faces, text, and indecipherable symbols.

As a commentary on secondary market dynamics, misha has also introduced a twist: each time a token is traded, the artwork changes. On the first trade, the animation vanishes. Subsequent trades cause the image to fade, until eventually, a faint residue remains.

Collectors can pay to restore the image to the minted original, or choose to burn the token to redeem it for a limited edition, physical fine art print through a collaboration with Assembly.

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Apr 2024
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