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Girlfriend Random Unexpected Art

This is a 68 #GFNFT (Girlfriend NFT - Yes I made a new word up) collection that is original and one of a kind that will not be repeated.

There will only ever be one of each of these. Only 68 never more.

Here is the story of how it all came about ...

My girlfriend was playing with a new green screen before a zoom meeting. You would not believe what happened!

The colours went funny when she set up the green screen. She was turned into a painting. It was like someone drew her.

She started taking photos while making silly faces not thinking much about it.

The result was these never-before-seen photos. When she shared them with me. I wanted to capture that moment so we decided to turn them into NFTs as a gift for her birthday because they were indeed unique, amazing and one of a kind!

This is a very cool effect by pure luck and serendipity that will never be repeated again.

Mar 2022
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