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GaperArt - Glitch

This particular collection will be the works I create through my overclocking process. I wanted to start with this collection to introduce the world to my style.

My art is focused on the glitchiness of an overstressed GPU trying to figure out how to process these images. Each piece is made of 20 different photos lasting only 6 frames, they are painstakingly made one at a time. Please consider when purchasing my work that a lot of effort went into every single frame. Stare at each piece long enough and you'll what is truly embedded into it. A lot of the process is layering each photo in a way that gives at what is really going on without giving it away entirely. At this rate my GPU will fry, so lets make the most of it!

Thank you to the NFT community for bringing me back. I hope you buy some art.

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Feb 2021
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