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Fractal Art

This collection will cap at 300.

All Still NFTs in this collection listed after Aug 21st 2021 will include unlockable high resolution PNG or JPG for your use, unless noted.

I started creating fractal art in 2012. Such projects were displayed on the Samitaur Tower in Culver City, California in 2014. These are my favorite fractal pieces that I have created. When creating fractal art, I enjoy the discovery of beauty in math. Raw beauty that relates to the world we live in, in a digital format. These pieces are reflections of our world and universe.

Fractal Art is generated with algorithms based on mathematical computations which are then rendered to visual outputs on still and dynamic video form.

Developed in the 1980s, fractal Art is essentially mathematical beauty in abstract art form. The unlimited potential of outcomes in fractal Art is truly astounding.

These pieces make great computer or phone backgrounds

Please enjoy.

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