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FirstFaces is the debut NFT Collection by contemporary American artist Kevin Lahvic. This group of work is representative of the happy, uplifting imagery that the artist is known and loved for in his paintings and drawings. Each individual NFT is a unique digital version of one original Ink drawing.

FYI, the Artist has a studio/gallery (#222) in the historic Flat Iron Arts Building in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, where he has been located for over two decades (22 years to be precise ; ). During this time, the number 222 has increasingly popped up in his life to a degree that would seem to defy random coincidence. As a result, the number has become ever more meaningful to Kevin. This personal numeric importance endows the year 2022 with special significance to the artists and signals a "Starting Point" of sorts in his artistic adventure.

It is for that reason that this first first collection, of 222 items will be initially offered at 2:22am (Chicago time) on 02/22/2022. Enjoy!

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Feb 2022
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