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Findurnemo Genesis

There are 33,000 known species of fish, greater than the total amount of all other vertebrate species combined on Earth! More than 60% of these species are at risk of extinction by the year 2100, an alarming issue.

This knowledge continues to elude a large portion of the world. Not unlike these fish, hidden within our oceans & lakes deepest depths.

Looking ahead, an estimated 5,000 species are still waiting to be discovered! Some may one day contribute to fighting diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer's & Addiction. All of which contribute to the preservation of the global biome.

Findurnemo’s mission is to document as many of these species as possible in a perpetual digital archive. The Etherium blockchain & IPFS ensure the sustainability of our efforts to raise both awareness and funding for their real life counterparts.

We partner with aquatic applications around the globe that advance public education, and protection for these wondrous, elusive creatures.

Aug 2021
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