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The En-LIGHT-enment - Series I

Chasing light or "finding light" has been quite a fascination for me right from the childhood days. Not just because of the sheer visual delight that it brings on to the table, but the way it adds a strong element of story-telling to your otherwise mundane photographs.

We often refer to natural light or beams of light as "God rays" primarily because it perhaps establishes a direct connect between the Almighty and the artist who paints his creations on the canvas of possibilities.

I have been shooting "God-light" both early in the morning during winters as well as late afternoon but one thing is in common- these "dramatic" images often end up inducing the feeling of "enlightenment" and contentment in the entire process.

This is the first series called "Enlightenment" and has 12 images shot across the world primarily during the winter season when the impact of sun-rays is the maximum. You can connect with me on Instagram @Deckle_Edge for better understanding about this series.

Jan 2022
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