Feel Trip - Emotion Cards

Emotion cards 'Feel trip' are made by LogOur.org's youth clients. Every single card represents one of 54 selected emotions.

In 2020 during COVID pandemic lockdown period young members of our Discord support group who were in isolation had one creative task with a common goal. To select and visualize one of the predetermined emotions. After 6 months journey of collaborative work 54 cards were completed. It took us few days to prepare them print-ready. We named them "Feel Trip"

The result was astonishing. We made a limited edition of 100 hard copies (packs) of them.

Understanding emotions allows us to respond appropriately and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Children and youth experience hundreds of emotions online, but they can name or articulate only a few of them. Especially men are very reserved with expressing their feelings.

Cards help clients to explore their emotions and help them find solutions to problems in their life.

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