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Faba Records Artworks

Faba Records connects music to the future as we are the first official record label connected to the blockchain. We sell the unique artworks, which correspond with our releases, as a non-fungible token (NFT). Holders of a Faba Records NFT will have all the rights and ownership of that specific artwork. In the future, holders of Faba Records NFTs will be rewarded, holders will be able to earn $FABA or use their NFT as a ticket for concerts and festivals in the metaverse.

Faba Records is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) label. Our main focus lies with house, techno, tech house and bass house music. As a record label we help artists grow their audience and gain more exposure and momentum with their musical career.

At Faba Records we want to give the fans the best experience supporting their favorite artists. Fans can now show their love and support to artist better than ever. By doing so, we will build the best EDM community fot both music & crypto enthusiasts.


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