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Expedition One

I discovered my love for adventure and visual storytelling a lifetime ago. From polaroids to mirrorless, the camera still fascinates me to this day. The ability to freeze time and relive memories is a powerful magic. As I travel the world the ever-changing beauty of Earth consistently dares me to give it visual justice, and after more than a decade of accepting that challenge, it has became a love affair with life and its most precious moments.

These images contain more than meets the eye. Each one of them holds a personal memory behind the lens during one of my favorite expeditions I shared with family and friends. Take a trip to the Pacific Northwest with me, and celebrate beauty, imagination, history, and friendship through a collection of photographs created from a love of both dreaming and doing.

ROADMAP: One collector will be randomly selected to receive an additional 1/1 artwork after all 12 pieces have sold - All collectors have early access to the next collection

Oct 2021
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