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ENTITIES: BLACK, WHITE, HUMAN! On March 18, 2022, the world's first NFT cosmonaut from this collection was launched into space! - DONE

An NFT book about the heroes of this collection has been written - DONE.

A universe of entities of two worlds that are beating in your soul. ⠀ Each entity is created manually 1/1, uniting the souls of the artist and collector on a metaphysical level.

Round 1 - (#1-101) + Book/ DONE ⠀ Round 2 - (#102-202) / DONE Round 3 - (#203-333) / In progrress ⠀ To get the Shining Entities, you need to have 1 item from the first round (#1-101) + 1 item from the second round (#102-202) - 11\11 - DONE.

There will be only 350 works in total, an exclusive collection for true connoisseurs of quantum art! The book about entities served as the basis for the creation of a feature film and a computer game in the future...

May 2021
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