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Enlightened Lizards

PhanFT is a series of utility-driven digital collectible to celebrate and unify our amazing Phish fan community. Created for phans by phans, we're on a mission to redefine what our passionate Phan community can do and be, build a digital platform for artists and creators in our community to shine, and raise funds for some awesome charities.

Our genesis collection is 555 Enlightened Lizards. Each Lizard is certified digital collectible and ownership doubles as your access card to a phan club loaded with benefits and perks including – LE physical art prints, wearable merch, pre-show meetups on tour, perks from phan-owned businesses, airdrops, and more.

Owning an Enlightened Lizards grants you participation and inclusion as we expand exponentially.

Together, we're lighting the torch for a whole new paradigm for phans to connect, collect, commune, and continue sharin' in the groove around Vermont's Phinest.

Aug 2022
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