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Elixir Haven NFT

Elixir Haven is a utopia view of a world free from disease. It is a community driven project to raise funds for research and increase public awareness about common medical conditions. This is made possible by a fixed number of 1512 medical specialists. Each NFT confers mastery over a particular ailment and membership to the World Board of Elixir Haven. The Elixir Haven NFTs are minted on the Polygon Blockchain. Each NFT represents a specific medical disease/ ailment/ specialization. Each certificate confers brand ambassadorship for Elixir Haven at all charity events that will be held for that cause. Own the rights of being a practicing specialist in Elixir Haven. One can also choose to own specialist registration over their own illness, giving them a sense of victory. Ownership of the NFT also guarantees practice in a future virtual world to be developed.

Dec 2023
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