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Eggs Finale

An experimental project to record the eggs we're consuming in 2022. When we eat egg, a piece of art will be created and we'll create a maximum of 365 limited edition art pieces (10 copies for each art pieces).

The collection is a combination of lines & shapes inspired by the status of egg, colour is connected with the artist’s emotion, weather or perhaps the taste and texture of the egg. The art pieces are hand drawn digitally and are in 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Each and every egg will be numbered and a certificate will be issued and released simultaneously which is presented in another collection (, so don’t miss out.

The certificate includes factual data about the specific egg and the highlights of the last clip, photo, audio or text with regards to the egg.

The collections are available for sale on Polygon. Grab a carton of digital egg ever existed in the real life. New drops will be announced on Twitter & IG, so stay tuned!

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Apr 2022
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