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EarthBytes Collection

EarthBytes project is a tribute to our planet, in the form of a growing, carefully curated collection of world heritage, beautiful landmarks, iconic buildings and cityscapes, embedded and eternally preserved in precious, meticulously crafted marbles, floating freely through the metaverse.

EarthBytes are timeless, simple, yet fun and captivating, providing an unexpected and surprisingly intimate view of Earth's treasures that makes you want to visit and care for those places. Each one will be minted exactly 7 times, some also with different moods. The hand made, limited edition EB-NFT's will be exclusively indexed, so each one is unique!

EarthBytes are created for your enjoyment and you may find that you keep watching them. Grow and trade your collection as you explore and reminisce Earth's diversity, coming to the space of your imagination in catchy bytes.

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Apr 2022
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