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Dori Samurai

**Holder Count and Unique Ownership numbers are incorrect due to staking.

The Dori Samurai is a unique small supply project that hopes to bring a unique anime inspired collection to you. Only 888 will exist in the genesis collection. Dori 1776 is the extension collection that ties the Ecosystem together.

Clans of these "Street Samurai" will start to form and become fluent within the House of Dori.

All holders from The Dori Samurai genesis collection will be able to claim 1:1 all new Collections for free.

While unannounced, Dori Samurai aims to make the collection(s) deflationary by introducing a 3rd generation which will require decisions on burning tokens alongside the use of native token $DORI.

Dori 1776 Collection:

Dori Sweeper Collection -

Dec 2022
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