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donniccolo Series 1

The 1st and only official NFTs of Nicholas J. Nicastro aka donniccolo.

Holders of any one NFT in donniccolo Series 1 receive exclusive virtual one-on-one access to Nicholas J. Nicastro. Ask questions about virtually anything and donniccolo will be happy to help in any way he can. My goal is to help all humans feel loved!

Future drops may include new airdrop NFTs exclusive to Series 1 holders. Shhh...

donniccolo Series 1 features 10 one of a kind pieces of art, each featuring a quote or hashtag from Nicholas Nicastro aiming at making the world a better place.

My goal is for these quotes & hashtags to live on in eternity on the blockchain, helping to educate and motivate people for years to come.

Initial prices for donniccolo Series 1 start at just 0.01 for #10 and increase

@ me any time if you love all humans equally.

-Nick 'donniccolo' Nicastro

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Jun 2021
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