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Desert Oddities - Vaughn Meadows

Before this project began I had already visited the American Southwest on multiple occasions, with a focus on shooting the dramatic landscapes of the region and the places that you can only arrive at after hiking for hours. Through those trips I had always been captivated by the little oddities and strange buildings that you’d pass on the side of the road while driving from location to location.

For this project I set out with the intention of capturing those strange compositions that you can only see in the desert. I desired more than anything else to capture the soul of the desert, left behind by humans. From historic landmarks from decades ago, to a random building that might’ve caught my attention, to the strangest of art installations in an abandoned town by a toxic sea.

Desert Oddities is nothing more and nothing less than a culmination of my fascination with the things that we often just drive right past.

Mar 2022
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