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DeekHash is the most stupid yet funny NFT collectible project you've ever seen. We introduce TEXT to HASH to DEEK minting. That means you can hash anything with a deek on blockchain forever! Enter anything you want to save on blockchain. Nickname, phone number, favourite song title or any other stuff and press Get a Deek button. Our algorithm will transform your text to the DNA which defines your Deek's appearance. That means your Deek will be a unique cryptographic representation of what you entered. It's called hash function. DeekHash! Deeks are created right-here-right-now during the minting process. Any Deek can become superrare. Maybe it will be yours? Every town needs its Super Heroes. DeekTown is no exception. They will not be for sale (one can't just pay for the superhero)! Everyone with a Deek in his wallet will be able to play a game and a get a SuperDeek for free.

Mar 2021
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