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JULIE MONACO Date Project // EVERY DAY // 2022 non-fungible token created by JULIE MONACO

„Date Project“ // EVERY DAY // 2022 non-fungible token NFTs created by JULIE MONACO

Technnology: Digital Construction // 900x900Pixel// Edition: 1 The image only exists as NFT (Edition: 1) created by JULIE MONACO

In the "Date Project" // EVERY DAY // 2022 every day a graphic with the respective date is created by me and published as: non-fungible token - NFT. The chosen font is a citation to the first computer fonts, this should be readable for humans as well as for machines.

Each date is available once as NFT.

The "Date Project"// EVERY DAY // 2022 non-fungible token - NFTs, refers among other things to an analog work of mine from 1999 (continuous) entitled "Date graphics". Excerpts of it can be seen at "Date graphics 1999 "on my website:

JULIE MONACO // THIS IS NOT A PHOTOGRAPH // digital pioneer // Artist // Vienna Austria //

Apr 2022
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