Danger-Squad NFT Collectable Series

Here are the Danger-Squad NFT trading cards courtesy of CrinkleCo. Studios created by artist/writer Duran Rivera. More on the way! Click the cards to enter their respective StoreFronts!

This is the series 1 collector pack! Series 2 will in-game items tied to the CoinFront consortium of block-chain-backed video games.

  • Holders of these cards will have special membership perks for the CoinFront consortium of games.

Here's the story behind the cards:

"Three hundred years in the future, where humanity has genetically modified themselves into anthropomorphic creatures, a self-labeled captain named Dirk Domingo establishes a work-for-hire upstart endeavor called Danger-Squad. Dirk hires a mishappen group to lead through fantastic space-adventures while holding on to a secret that could doom them all. But, when he finds solidarity with his unlikely comrades, he's forced to resolve his actions before a gangster named Dante exacts his revenge."

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