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CryptoJoints is the embodiment of what people once saw as illegal, and which is actually natural and can help improve the quality of life for many people. Today it is represented in 5000 images generated by A.I in the polygon network, whose project aims to expand the research and diversification of the administration of this natural medicine, and why not? incorporate it into traditional medicine?

As we care about people, we also want to help our investors by GIVING AWAY 130 ETHEREUM !!! in 130 prizes of 1 Ethereum each. in addition to 20 Cryptojoints prior to the pre-sale, and 5 during the pre-sale process.

The fact of being a holder of CryptoJoints, includes your wallet in our rewards system for life !! This includes 80% of the royalties genereated by the resale of our cryptojoints 10%of the profits generated in our project FOR LIFE

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