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Crypto Conway

Crypto Conway

This is a collection of user created NFTs. Each NFT contains the starting seed for Conway's Game of Life. You cane create your own seeds and mint them on for 0.5 Matic.

What is Conway's Game of Life?

Conway's Game of Life is a zero-player game designed by John Conway in 1970. You interact with the Game of Life by creating an initial "seed" that defines the starting population, then observing how it involves.


Our simulated universe is broken into a 50 x 50 grid of cells. Each cell can either be "alive" or "dead". During each step in the simulation, every cell will abide by the following rules:

  • Living cells with fewer than two living neighbors die from underpopulation
  • Living cells with more than three living neighbors die from overpopulation
  • Dead cells with exactly three living neighbors become alive from reproduction
Nov 2021
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