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Crazy Babies Official

In February 2021, a mysterious cosmic blast created a wormhole between life and a metaverse, which previously never existed. With the bang, 7,777 newborn babies got zapped into the wormhole from the blast in a fraction of seconds, almost like it all never happened. The result of the teleportation is 7,777 cute Crazy Babies. Trapped in a new metaverse, the newborns are left to fend for themselves, a typical survival of the fittest outplay of things. Since they each have to care for themselves, the babies quickly become grown adults in baby bodies.Now, they need to work together to build their new home, with several rewards waiting for every progress milestone. As a Crazy Babies holder, you have the opportunity of winning several great rewards for every progress you make via the Crazy baby character. Hurry now and get yourself a Crazy Babies NFT!

Nov 2021
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