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CPT-415, a novel

CPT-415 is a novel born from the internet. It delves into the dark hearts of incels, the homosocial intimacies of gamers, and the chaotic residue of the online world that lives on in our heads. CPT-415 seeks to answer the ultimate question posed by the internet age: What is real?

CPT-415’s dark humor and layered complexity evoke the chaotic experience of the online world: the novel teems with puzzles, parafictional trapdoors, and intentional elisions that ask the reader to supply her own meaning.

CPT-415 takes its title and structure from the "Features and Benefits" page of Cuisinart toaster manual, product code CPT-415. Can you find every allusion?

For purchased pages and novel summary:

After one page is sold, the next is unlocked (207 pages, 94,657 words). Collect your favorite pages, assemble chapters, solve its puzzles with friends...

Enter the world of CPT-415.

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