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It’s the year 2025. Four years after the coerced vaccination program started. Billions queued up, not to lose their jobs and livelihood. Jabs were given; restrictions introduced; rights destroyed. The non-compliant fled the cities and towns. Then the reports began. Side-effects started showing. Billions died. Only few survived. Punks became zombies. There was no medicine. Not even weekly booster shots could save them. Zombies then got “euthanized.” A few lucky ones escaped. They now live like outcasts, separate from society. What were once rights are now considered privileges for the lucky few. In '26 some zombies re-enter the community. Their Covid Passports from '22 once allowed them to partake in all societal rights. Now, those same passports will allow zombies back into the civilized world.

Covid Pass Punks is an NFT art project by artist Bischno. In a satirical way, he brings to light the controversial topic of the Covid passport, one questionable product of the "new normal."

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Sep 2021
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