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Colorful Chimneys by STQ

Once, to keep warm in winter meant burning wood. But in the face of unrelenting change, how do we keep the embers of our souls burning, too? In "Colorful Chimneys," visionary artist Joe Weiss, known as STQ, draws on the rapid development and seismic cultural shifts of his post-90s childhood in China to present his first-ever collection of four NFTs. Like coal fed into a furnace, STQ stokes this collection with personal metaphors—eggs, statues, keys, hearts, coins, and carousels—that appear and reappear across the digital canvas. These symbols, almost universal in their recognition, act like sparks to ignite shared histories and intimate recollections within the audience. In doing so, "Colorful Chimneys" transforms the anonymous act of viewing and owning NFTs into a communal experience, inviting us to gather around the new hearth of the 21st century- the glow of our screens.

Mar 2024
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