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Coalition Crew

Welcome to the Coalition Crew! This is our Signature "OG" Collection of 1010 unique NFTs. We are an NFT project with a mission + real world utility.  Our holders will get exclusive access to Peter Voogd’s Forbes featured Game Changers Academy ( which is the Worlds Most Elite and Top Rated Networking Community as well as access to ALL networking events. Holders also get access to top notch business, crypto, and NFT trainings, exclusive merch + airdrops. We also donate to cheetah organizations with the main one being the Aspinall Foundation. To achieve "Whale Status" you must own at least 1 OG. To become a Commission Member in the Mob Ties by Michael Franzese project you must also own 1 OG. For more information, please check out or go to our discord.

Legendary Auction Collection: Coalition Crew 2.0 Collection:

Dec 2021
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