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Coachella Throwback Merchandise Trunk

Each Coachella Throwback Merchandise Trunk unlocks a unique curation of physical merchandise and mementos items from past festivals. Purchase one to unlock history and receive a curation of past merchandise in your size, including a shirt, a sweater, and an accessory.

By purchasing this NFT you agree to the Terms and Conditions at

The Throwback Merchandise Trunk is minting for approximately $109 and $119 in AVAX for allowlist and public sale, respectively (See listing for current price. Payment with credit or debit card available. AVAX payment not available in Louisiana, New York, Texas, and Virgin Islands. For these territories we recommend that crypto users purchase ETH and swap to AVAX with OpenSea's new in-app wallet swap feature.)

You can make your purchase with cryptocurrency or with your debit card. If you need help making your purchase, reach out to for concierge assistance.

Apr 2024
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