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City at dusk. Aerial photograph

Edition 1 of 1. collection of 30 NFTs In the routine of our daily lives, we sometimes lose sight of what is actually important, as we accumulate the familiar routine of going back and forth between work and home.This means focusing on things with our natural sensitivity, discovery, change and curiosity, rather than looking at things from a conventional, stereotyped perspective.These works were shot from a helicopter, 5,000 feet up, capturing moments from a bird's-eye view of the landscape composed by the interaction of local buildings, cityscapes, artificial lights and natural lights.Overlooking the cityscape which cannot usually be seen is expresses the importance of seeing things from a different perspective.If you are in a state of anxiety about a future you do not yet seen, I urge you to change your perspective, see things differently and move forward with your own aspirations as a pioneer in your own life.A beautiful world you have never seen will unfold before your eyes.

Mar 2022
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