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City Slicker Blues by CJroblue

A City Slicker is someone with taste and sophistication… but also street smarts. Which you must be to navigate a megacity like Seoul! Departing from the muted blues and vibrant hues of his previous collections on Opensea, CJroblue's "City Slicker Blues" casts a more optimistic glow on life in the city for a young artist. From nighttime drives along the Han River to the surge of commuters on subway platforms, this collection of 4 NFTs dives into the complex intersections we all must navigate as members of an always on-the-move metropolis. Embracing the artificial shimmer of greens and reds, “City Slicker Blues” uses neon signs, headlights, and digital displays as backdrops to illuminate how each moment- whether it be a chance encounter or an enduring bond- can light your path in an ever-pulsing city.

Apr 2024
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