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Chromesthesia: Ascend by Jaime Derringer

What is the relationship between color, sound, and movement? Artist Jaime Derringer continues to explore this question in her collection Chromesthesia: Ascend. In this body of work, Derringer investigates the phenomenon of experiencing colors in response to certain sounds or other stimuli.Derringer begins with her personal archive of works, both those created on paper and digital paintings. Over the years, Derringer has repeatedly digitally manipulated and distorted these original images using a combination of computer software and AI. Each successive collection or group of works cannibalizes what came before it and is reborn in the wreckage.For Chromesthesia: Ascend, she relinquished that control to a complex algorithm that mirrors the rhythm of her hands guiding the MIDI controller, destroying the works over and over again to form a type of abstract brutalist composition.

Jan 2023
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