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Chobies NTO Collection

👑 Meet Chobies — exclusive, cool and daring NFT characters

🤩 What makes them so special? Besides being a digital piece of art, every Choby contains 1000 CHO tokens with up to 85% discount to the current market price and thousands of additional prizes and perks.

Every 5th Choby has bonuses inside, including a GRAND $100,000 PRIZE and up to 99% cashback.

🤯 The total prize pool that will be raffled off among minters exceeds $5,000,000.

Originally, Chobies can be minted on website. Buying on the secondary market? Check the perks and bonuses inside first. Here's how to do it:

What is more, all Chobies have unique traits and characteristics – names, appearing, accessories and even zodiacal signs, so that you will never find another one Choby alike.

Mint rare Chobies, get exclusive perks, bonuses and cashbacks, sell Chobies on the secondary market and get up to 5% royalty.

Dec 2022
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