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chippi by perchy

we recently upgraded the chippi contract. This is the new, official chippi collection. if you have a chippi on the old contract, please follow this instructions to upgrade your chippi:

  1. Send your chippi to: 0x5D8fe93A77D3496cb3EEf6D238a12874e6d5376D (this is the chippi vault address. one old chippi gets sent in, one new chippi gets sent out to the same address).

  2. if it has been longer than 48 hours and you havent received your new chippi, please contact perchy @thefutureisDAO1 or on discord: _perchy. you WILL receive your chippi, but as this is a manual process it can take some time.

For more details, please visit the chippi discord (link in perchy's twitter bio)

May 2023
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