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Chamber of Repentance by DONZADONGHWI

DONGZADONGHWI's "Chamber of Repentance" marks his third collaboration with OrangeHare and his second solo drop on Opensea. As a media artist and painter deeply inspired by music, this collection took its initial inspiration from Korean musician Woogie-D's third EP "Fault," in which DONGZADONGHWI shaped the album cover and music videos as art director.

"Chamber of Repentance" is a reinterpretation of three songs from that album - 'Fault,' 'Addiction,' and 'Narcissism' – which encapsulate the profound process of reflecting on life's inevitable mistakes - experiences shared by all, yet potentially destructive. By employing DONGZADONGWHI’s signature spatiality and distortion alongside Woogie-D’s rock-inspired-riffs, this collection mirrors the rollercoaster of emotions involved in that introspective journey. Through their sonic and visual collaboration, each NFT within this collection immerses viewers in a profound exploration into the depths of human folly…and forgiveness.

Jan 2024
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