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Curious Addys' Trading Club

Welcome to Curious Addys' Trading Club! We're a collection of 5,000 adorable octopuses ready to explore NFTs and crypto with you.

We're building the core tools needed by NFT creators and collectors alike to build, launch, and collect NFT collections easier and more affordably than ever before.

Our core product suite includes:

-> HeyMint (, the most popular completely free allowlist management tool

-> HeyMint Launchpad (, the easiest and most robust NFT art & no code smart contract generator that allows NFT creators to launch NFT collections from start to finish with zero dev help at all, also for free (with some premium features)

-> (, the first Web3 Q&A platform where anyone can ask a question on anything in Web3 and get it answered by an expert in the space.

-> More coming soon! Stay tuned ;)

Curious Addys NFT holders always get first access to all our tools and free premium features and support!

Nov 2021
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