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Case Simmons - Temple X 111

  • Simco Drops presents Temple X 111 by Case Simmons, a celebratory blitz of intricately assembled images that Simmons has collected, cut and constructed into a precarious and precise landscape.

  • The first drop of 88 works are unique sketch selections from the original Temple X work. After the end of the first 48 hour drop period, the collector who acquires the most of the 88 sketches will receive a unique Temple work, a collage of the 88 works.

  • The second drop is of 20 additional larger sketch selections from Temple X, and after the end of the second 48 hour drop period a unique collage of the 20 will be awarded to the collector who acquires the most from the 20 sketches.

  • This project will conclude with an auction of Temple X, a work that is the result of hundreds of hours of the artist’s search and use of digital visual ephemera.

May 2021
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