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NFTs brought the spotlight to generative art like nothing else before. There is always the discussion about who does it better. Humans or AI? Some people are excited about AI, some about living artists. What makes me excited is the collaboration between these two worlds.

That is why I created this project called BRIDGES. The idea is to focus on connecting instead of choosing sides. I wanted to create some kind of occasion to demonstrate the connection.

Everything starts with the foundation. I took it literally and started with the grid. Then I created city plans and landscapes. Long story short, the world based on connection was born.

Metaverse space is booming right now and I also wanted to participate but from an artistic perspective. If you are buying virtual land, it looks like a normal plan or a basic map. That's why I wanted to create the "land NFT" that feels like a premium product. An NFT that brings joy to the viewer's eyes.

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Dec 2021
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