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Borderline States by ZMOGK

Sound unveiled upon minting

In "Borderline States," Konstantin "Zmogk" Danilov explores the profound relationship between emotional states and chromatic psychology. Drawing from the Bauhaus movement, Color Field painting, and Abstract Expressionism, this triptych of NFTs vibrantly articulates the interplay between expressed and suppressed emotions. The core of each painting focuses on a single, base color, reflecting the dominant emotion of the moment, while peripheral, fluorescent lines and spots fade in and out of view, symbolizing the emotions we relegate to the shadows of our consciousness.

How do you feel when staring at it?

Both discomforting and oddly relaxing, these contrasting elements challenge viewers to acknowledge the full spectrum of their complex emotional landscapes in a meditative fashion. This is further reinforced by the soundscape ZMOGK personally composed for each piece.

Mar 2024
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