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Soundscapes by Bobby Yaps

Limited edition original production music, melodic themes, and musical moments by composer and musician Bobby Yaps. Music and art exist together on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 25 pieces (5 dark, 5 light, 5 digital, 5 primal, 5 unknown)
  • 20 tokens of each piece will exist
  • Total of 500 tokens in the Soundscapes collection -Progress so far: 18 pieces minted, 7 pieces remain...

Soundscapes NFTs will be special access tokens to various immersive metaverse music experiences. The more Soundscapes you own, the more access you are granted within the Soundscape worlds.

Token owners reserve the right to use the music and/or art of their Soundscape NFT for their own purposes at no additional cost, with credit given to Bobby Yaps.

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Jul 2021
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