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BLOCK war with art. Start a CHAIN.

Join our initiative and turn digital art into a chain of solidarity.

The globally recognized graphic designer Mykola Kovalenko left Ukraine for Slovakia in 2015.

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. On the same day, Mykola started a chain of revolting posters in support of his homeland. He will not stop making his posters until peace returns to Ukraine.

We offer you 120 posters as NFT images, made in the first 120 days of the armed conflict. 80% of the collected funds will be converted into a transparent EUR account to allocate funds for support of Ukrainians.

The buyer of the NFT becomes the sole owner of the purchased NFT (i.e. the unique code or token). The owner of the NFT is not the owner of the original work created by the author, the author of the original work remains the owner of all copyright and license rights to the work and thus the author has the right to, among other things, resell, display, license and use the original work in any other form.

Jul 2022
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