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BIKERIDES - Fully Rigged Custom 3D Bikes, Rides and other Virtual Transporation Vehicles.

Bike Features: Forwards/Backwards Gear Pedal On/Off Switch Wheelie Rotating Bike Chain Adjustable Handlebars Adjustable Seat Easy Spline path Animation Connection Working Kickstand

Utilities include:

  • Fully Rigged 3D Vehicle .c4d format
  • 1080x1080 Animated Gif of Bike
  • Custom QR Code attached to animated and still images of purchased vehicle.

Updates: Currently these are the very first versions of our custom copyright-ten digital vehicles “BIKERIDES” Aside from being ascetically pleasing to the eye, it’s the background functionality that makes these rigs worth their price on the market.

  • Upgrades are expected to escalate quickly as the core functions of the bike are already scripted.

  • Opening Prices will start at $19.99 USD 12/26/22 and increase with each version released.

  • Owner’s will receive 3 years free upgrades on their NFT’s from date of purchase.

Nov 2022
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