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Beatboxes by Zeblocks

Art Blocks Collection: Presents

Heritage Art Blocks Collection: Playground

Project Description: Beatboxes are fully immersive, virtual reality, audiovisual generative art on the Ethereum blockchain. Beatboxes consist of 841 generated unique rooms where you can fully immerse yourself with any virtual reality device. You can also enjoy them from your pc in a more conventional way. Beatboxes are our second experimental piece of art, following the successful release of Unigrids. The goal with this collection was to create an environment where you can escape your reality for a moment and enjoy your unique piece of art while stimulating the most senses possible. You can open your eyes inside your unique art piece and explore by looking around and listening as you enjoy something you own. In live view use arrows to move around and spacebar to start the music and animation. Visit to browse all Beatboxes more easily, Have fun! *note that Beatboxes are using aframe which is currently not optimized for ios mobile and safari browser.

Oct 2021
Creator earnings