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Bald Eagles of British Columbia

In British Columbia, the bald eagles are not kings of the jungle, but queens of the rainforest. A fully grown bald eagle has no predators. And yes, the females are larger than the males.

The males weigh in at 6-8 pounds and the females are about 9-11 pounds. A 10 pound bird with a 7 foot wingspan is pretty impressive all on its own, but when there are a dozen or more of them on the beach it is an astonishing sight.

Why so many? Salmon!

These photos were made on Vancouver Island in a town called Campbell River which is known as the salmon capitol of the world. The eagles seem to agree! It is customary here for fishermen to throw fish waste back into the ocean, which is an easy target for the eagles, even though they are perfectly capable of catching their own fish!

Each 1/1 eagle in this collection comes with a bonus NFT!

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