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Bad Ted Motorcycle Club v2

Welcome the bad ted motorcycle club v2

Here is where our top 20 holders will be gifted their position within the club house. Every holder within the top 10 ranking of the original bad ted yacht club collection will be seated at our high table.This is where discussions, votes/decision's will be made for the community.

Prospects will be putting forward questions/ideas given from outside the club house from holders that hold a biker vest ted from the BTYC. The BTMC will then decide the outcome.

All discussions will be made privately amongst the top 20 holders via discord/twitter groups. Voting will take place live via discord VC where only biker vest holders can listen in.

Example of holder rankings:

Holder rank 1 = President | Holder rank 2 = Vice President | Holder rank 3 = Secretary | Holder rank 4 = Treasurer | Holder rank 5 = Sgt. At Arms | Holder rank 6 - 10 = Road Captains | Holder rank 11 - 20 = Prospects |Each member will have voting power all to be determined.

Mar 2023
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